Reiki 101

11 Jul

This is exciting for me, I have never had a reason to blog until now. Allow me to introduce myself to you…

My name is Andrea Kotyk, I am a 32 year old mother of two beautiful daughters, Sofiya (who is my eldest) and Mysha (is the baby).I am married to a former Bobsleigh Olympian, if you watched the Torino Olympics back in 2006 and paid close attention to the 4 man race you would have seen my hunky hubby ken. I too, was a part of the National Team for Bobsleigh Canada until I retired in 2006. Although my days of competitive sport are done I still incorporate a healthy lifestyle, I couldn’t imagine  a life without balance (keep in mind, balance comes in all different shapes and sizes) so please don’t take that the wrong way.

These days I am a Reiki Master, Raindrop Therapist, Personal Trainer and a full time mommy and wife, and might I add. I love my life all who are part of it

But here is why Im really writing…. Its because I love Reiki!!!

15 years ago I would never have envisioned my life where it is today, an energy worker, personal trainer, wife and mother. I have always been open minded to spiritual beliefs and religion (although having never followed an organized religion), mostly gravitating to the spiritual side of life.

As a young girl I had visions, dreams, gut feelings, hunches and even visits (not from this world). I actually thought I was crazy and perhaps smoking too much pot, but over the years these happenings stayed with me but eventually were surpressed once I went to college and became too busy to even notice such happenings. It wasn’t until I was much older and in the middle of some trying times that I began to experience these ‘happenings’ once again, little did I know this was all just the beginning of what was about to become my new world.

Ken and I were trying for our second child and during that time we suffered 2 miscarriages back to back, we were devastated and hurt (like most couples who go through such things) and to make matters worse, my dearest Nanny (my mothers mom) had become very ill and was dying. I loved my nanny with all my heart, she really was ‘The Best’ grandmother any grandchild could ask for! Her passing was difficult for the entire family, Nanny was instrumental in all of our lives and I strongly feel that her teachings and company made us the strong and wonderful people we are today.

Needless to say, that was an awful year for me. Luckily I have great friends who are always close by, my dear friend Heather was doing what she does best (by taking care of her loved ones unconditionally) and asked me if I would like a Reiki treatment, her treat. Reiki?? WTF is Reiki I said, this was totally new for me. But she had been receiving treatments for a while now and swore by them. What did I have to lose?

I had my first treatment, it was a beautiful 60 minute session which I will never forget. For the first time in over a year I had no more tightness in my chest, had a great sleep and felt like I had my first real grip on reality since Nanny passed. But that wasn’t what triggered my love affair with Reiki (not yet anyway), I couldn’t wrap my mind around how something like ‘energy work’ could alter ones mood, energy levels and create such a shift in ones self. I was intrigued to say the least, oh… and not to mention the ‘Bang on’ feedback I received after the session, how cool was that??

I always knew in my heart I was destined to help people, but I was looking in all the wrong places. I worked in EMS on an ambulance for quiet a while but never felt fulfilled or satisfied at the end of my day (mostly just grossed out). Shortly after Nanny’s passing all that changed!

After Nanny passed I had a series of events start  happening once again, which brought me right back to my high school days where I was questioning my sanity. I had begun having vivid dreams again, objects were being moved in the house that no one could explain, the t.v would turn itself on and off, the washing machine would shut off in mid cycle and would magically open its own lid (which was heavy) and the constant feeling that someone was in the house.

For sure Im not crazy!! Thank goodness Ken was around for some of these events

Since none of this had ever scared me, only spiked my interest I felt like I should look into it. And now when I look back at those events, I feel like I was being gently pushed to pursue this avenue further more. So I decided to see a psychic (which my mom and I do once a year for fun) and see if I can get some answers.

As usual my visits with my psychic are always informative, precise and entertaining. But this visit was different….

She confirmed (and of course validated, no self respecting psychic tells you anything without blowing you away with the proof) that the unusual happenings were at the hands of my beloved Nanny (yeah) part of me knew that already, I just needed someone to confirm it. She had also mentioned that I was destined to use ‘healing hands’ to help my fellow man.

Whatever that meant??? Obviously, I hadn’t made the connection yet.

I did some research online and at the local book stores to see if there was some form of energy work I would be pulled towards, I only really knew about Reiki at that time and everything else seemed too odd to read. What I ended up buying was a couple of Doreen Virtue’s ‘Angel Therapy’ books (I now have a wide collection of her various Angel books, and I will touch down on Angels in another blog down the road).

A few months later I did a Personal Trainer course/workshop through CANFIT PRO, and the gal who did my testing was also a Reiki Master, and she was offering a Reiki Level 1 & 2 weekend workshop. I almost didn’t go through with my fitness certification, I didn’t think I really needed it, but I did it anyway and now I know why.

So I signed up, and I loved! I learned so much that weekend and am still learning to this day about Reiki and its healing properties, I signed up for my Reiki Master’s a few months later and never looked back. I can hardly believe how this journey panned out and how drastically it has changed my life for the best. I am a better mother, wife, friend, lover and all round better person now that I have incorporated Reiki into my world.

I hope this isn’t coming off preachy, as it is certainly not my intent. There are no religious ties to Reiki, just the honest want and need to live a better quality of life in whatever fashion that is for the individual. Reiki has the power to help heal all ailments, it sees no gender, race or religious background, its derived from pure Universal Energy. I am currently treating men and women will all sort’s of complaints, everything from depression, infertility, anxiety, injury and insomnia. What other therapy do you know, that can treat such a wide variety of ailments with one single form of therapy? (with no pharmaceuticals on board either)

Whew…… That was a lot longer than I thought it would be, I didn’t realize how much I had to say until I started typing.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my post, my blogs to come will be more in depth about the various ways Reiki can help. And maybe you ‘ll know someone who could use some energy work themselves, so feel free to pass this bit of info along.

If you think Reiki would be a great fit for you, call me today for your exploratory session.

(403) 467-0279

Blessings, (happy stampeding)

Andrea Kotyk


Meditation for athletes….

1 Jul

With any high caliber sport comes a great deal of commitment, dedication, sacrifice, countless hours of hard physical training. But there is one aspect of training that is often over looked…….

The ‘Mental’ aspect which comes hand in hand with any level of competition.

If you have been in those athletic shoes before, give this question some thought. How many times have you felt over the top prepared physically leading up to an event? You just knew in your heart you had done everything you possibly could in preparation for this moment, but when your moment came to shine something happened…


We have all been there before, whether it was sporting related or something else of great importance. Just like you can train and prepare your physical, you can just as easily train your mental self as well. And what I will share with you in this article will hopefully assist you in whatever your ‘Event’ is in life.

Meditation IS a powerful tool that WILL assist us in our training for life, and it isn’t such a far fetched idea when you think about it. For years people have been practicing visualization techniques, creating images and scenarios in their mind. Living their success on a sub conscious level, this age old tool is in part a meditation tool. But here is the cool part about all that.

There has been much written about the intentions we set, the energy we put into and behind our goals, dreams and visions. And NO it isn’t some whishy washy dreamer thing, this is something substantial and it is coming to the surface for everyone to experience. More and more people are incorporating some sort of a spiritual practice to assist them in their life, and this certainly doesn’t mean one has to give up who they are to follow a new belief system either.

Meditation allows us to live in the moment and see our true potential, it gives us the opportunity to create what it is we desire, and to live it; to our highest potential. For example…..

Lets say you have an Olympic qualifier coming up, here is what I would suggest you do. And not just once, make this a ritual for success….

Have a seat, be comfortable and undisturbed, maybe you want to play something relaxing in the background to help you settle in. Make this YOUR time! Let your intention be about gaining clarity and focus on the task at hand, and begin to see yourself in your event.

See yourself being intense, and yet very calm and collected. Feel and see the explosiveness take over your physical self, feeling NO fear and NO doubt. See and feel yourself exuding the MOST confidence, as if winning is the ONLY option. See your hard work unfold as you take the lead, crushing the competition!

The more you see and feel yourself achieving this, the sooner it becomes your reality.

‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it’

Quotes like these don’t come out of thin air, there is an ancient wisdom behind such sayings.

The ‘Law of Attraction’ states; what you think about, you will bring about. Every thought and feeling you have carries an energy behind it, and this energy gets sent out every time you see it and believe it. Creating a ripple effect between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, when you see it and feel it enough, you start to live it and breathe it.

Imagine your possibilities ; )

I hope this serves you well, should you have any questions about this article please feel free to contact me. I would love to help you.


Andrea Kotyk

~Feel Better, LIVE Better

Another brilliant workshop in the bag : )

18 Jun

I apologize for the long gap between blogs, I have been extremely busy this spring and I have been fighting to find the time to keep up with my blogging and newsletter. I have been asking for a better sense of time management in my prayers and am slowly starting to feel more put together : ) Thank you for your patience and continued suppport

This past weekend my good friend Shauna and I completed our first workshop together, and it was nothing short of miraculous! We created ‘Tame Your Dragon’ to help women (from a spiritual stand point) take back their lives and gain empowerment tools to aid them in their quest for ‘Divine Feminine Greatness’. Needless to say, it was a blessing and a gift to have had that opportunity to sit with a room full of unique, beautiful and spiritually gifted individuals.

As I drove to Shaunas house on the day of I began receiving all sorts of information regarding our workshop, and what I kept re-receiving was this……

~As much as ‘YOU’ think you are here today to guide these individuals, you and your partner will receive your own guidance and information from each and every soul you meet on this day

I felt like I could hardly focus after hearing that, I could hardly wait to see how the day unfolded. I know how the Universe rolls and this was going to be an incredible day!!

The day was full of brilliant and fresh information, sharing and healing; and I know I took something valuable from every minute of it.

By the end of the day, we had fulfilled our goal and had shared our knowledge with the others; with the hopes and intentions of helping those find their calling and follow their path. And once the day wrapped up I offered some short ‘Angel’ readings and it was during that time that I received my ‘Ahh Haa’ moment. When I give readings I often receive my own information, and during this one reading in particular I had a message dropped on me (this wasnt the first time I had heard this either,  but this time I knew I had to pay attention)

I was told I would look into opening up a spa, but not just any spa. One that encompassed holistic services and spirituality at its finest (workshops included into that space as well), and that I wouldn’t do it alone. I was to ask my workshop partner Shauna, and that the rest would be in the hands of the Universe. What made that information extra special, was that I had created a ‘Vision Board’ some months back and on that board is a picture of the dream spa I have envisioned and on top of it is written ‘2015’ as a reference to the year in which this all will happen.

SO COOL……. I brought it up just like I had heard it, and I suppose we all have some interesting food for thought ahead of us now. I have had this dream of opening up such a business and I very much want to go down this road one day. I am grateful for having heard this calling, stay tuned to see where this ends up going.

Thank you everyone who came and shared that special day with Shauna and I, and thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!!

ps…. Never ignore those random thoughts and ideas, you never know where they may lead you one day : )

Love & Light

Andrea Kotyk

~Feel Better, LIVE Better

I just have to tell you about this cool experience I had last week……

29 May

Just over a week ago, myself and my good friend Shauna had this awesome opportunity to do what is referred to as a ‘House or Space Clearing’. A friend of mine thought the small spirit of a little boy was inhabiting her house and she asked us if we could do something to help.


Needless to say, we were super pumped up at this opportunity. As fellow students of the Universe, we thought this would be an amazing opportunity to evolve as practitioners, and gain valuable knowledge that could serve useful down the road (and of course the opportunity to help others is always at the top of the list). Both of us have been learning how to clear away energies which don’t necessarily belong to this world, but hadn’t had the chance to put our skills to the test.


Until now……..


Two hours later we had managed to rip through, two sticks of White Sage, Crystal Therapy, many Prayers, Angelic Intervention, multiple Meditations, laughter and astonishment, Spirit Guide questioning and Pendulum Q & A.


And it was all worth it, we watched this little spirit leave this world and carry on where he belonged, I would never have believed the events which took place that day if I hadn’t been there to see them myself. I know now, more than ever that there is SO much more to this Universe than what we know on a daily basis. Sometimes I spend all day in disbelief when I have these ‘Ahh Haa’ moments, I am eternally grateful for this happening to us as I know it was meant to be.


And as a result Shauna and I decided to partner up and do this more often, you can expect to see this new edition to the menu in the very near future. It was a ton of fun and we both took some very valuable information from this day, and I very much look forward to doing this again.


If you think you might have a spirit hanging out in your house, or you feel you’re your house just needs a good ol fashioned ‘Smudging/Blessing’ please don’t hesitate to call. We will do whatever is needed and will leave you with the tools to empower you so you can keep the energy beautiful.


Happy Spring & Stay Blessed


Andrea Kotyk

~Feel Better, LIVE Better

Top 5 Reiki Practitioner Necessities…..

22 May

Reiki is one of the most beautiful and relaxing therapies on the market these days (next to massage) and although it has no negative side effects for the one receiving, there can be some for the practitioner if they’re not careful. As practitioners we can sometimes over look our most basic rules, I know from time to time I have to go back to the beginning and prepare my space accordingly.

If you are a practitioner, then you know that you have suffered the same aches, pains and emotions from your clients. As you do your healing work, we as practitioners cant help but experience something from the clients behalf, but sometimes we forget to rid ourselves of it after. Then we end up living through the residual ‘Pooh Pooh’ that wasn’t ours in the first place and certainly doesn’t serve our highest and best purpose.

Top 5 commonly over looked rituals

1) Preparing our space properly

~Don’t cut corners when it comes to Energy Work, this is force which we are blessed and privileged to be working with. Take the extra time to secure and prepare your space! The last thing you need is an unwanted energy floating around your house because you left a ‘Door’ open by mistake (I’ve done it before, its not fun)

2) Utilizing the ‘White Light’

~Its an age old, tried, tested and true protection ritual. And it WORKS!! Be generous and place it over everything and everyone during Energy Work

3) Clearing your space post treatment

~Our clients can often bring with them all sorts of ‘Stuff’ (anything from Spirit, negative energy, aches and pains) Take the time to properly clear your space, so you and or your next client don’t take on the ‘Pooh Pooh’ from anyone else

4) Give ‘Thanks’

~Again, what we do as practitioners is an absolute gift from God. Show the respect for every ounce of energy that came through you in order to heal your fellow man, a simple ‘Thank You’ goes a really long way


5) Share ‘The Love’

~As much as we want to heal the world, we must look after ourselves too. Dedicate and hour or self healing a week to ‘YOU’. Lay back, start the flow and ask the Universe to assist you in this time of self healing. Enjoy : )

I hope this serves you well. With much love and light

Stay Blessed

Andrea Kotyk

~Feel Better, LIVE Better

A mind blowing week of healing & and balancing…..

16 May

I am so blessed to have such an amazing support group, when I first decided to quit my career in EMS to pursue my future in Energy Work I was freaking out. I had so many fears surrounding what my friends and family would say and think about this choice. I did and still do encounter challengers and non supporters, but the number of people in my life who fully support me; grossly out number the others (thank goodness)

On this journey I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing ‘like minded’ individuals (not just healers, just amazingly open minded peeps) who have been instrumental in my evolution, some of which who are my teachers and healers. Anyway…. To do what I do everyday can get to be a little bit draining; doing energy work on others all day, feeling their pains and knowing their problems can suck a healer dry ; ) And from time to time, we too need some help from another.

Today was my day to be healed, balanced and get my head screwed on right. And WOW! What an experience today turned out to be…..

I made a trip out to ‘Pegasus Ranch & Healing Center’ to meet with a dear friend, fellow student of the Universe and personal teacher. Sherry has been my guiding light since I embarked on this journey and she is my ‘Go To’ girl when I am in need of some love. Every month I meet her out at her healing center in Sundre Alberta for a day of learning and whatever else pops up, and with an upcoming trip to Sask on the horizon I wanted to be fresh and ready to go for my weekend full of healing and card readings.

Our topic for the day was Mediumship (connecting with the deceased) and next thing I know Im the one on the Reiki table having the most mind blowing experience imaginable. If you have ever had a really good Reiki session before, you know its very relaxing and somewhat intense all at the same time. Imagine that same setting, but with an amplified force of what feels like 1000 additional healing hands on you. Im pretty sure my energy left the room and I was up in space somewhere, words cant really describe what I felt in that session.

As a Reiki practitioner, I know I call upon outside help for each and every session. What Sherry did for me today, was invite every healing source into the room (Angels, Reiki Guides, Ascended Masters, Spirit, Spirit Guides, some sources unknown?….)  all to assist in a healing that was to happen on a massive level.

For anyone reading about Reiki/Energy Work for the first time in this blog, I apologize for the over the top description today. Energy Work is something so special and very beneficial for anyone and everyone. If this is leaving you scratching your head, then you simply must give it a try for yourself; you will NOT be disappointed!!!

After the healing session, we moved onto ‘Psychometry’

Psychometry is a form of scrying – a psychic way of “seeing” something that is not ordinarily seeable. Some people can scry using a crystal ball, black glass or even the surface of water. With psychometry, this extraordinary vision is available through touch.

Sherry and I were practicing today using information we were writing on a sheet of paper (not letting the other person see what was being written of course), folding it up and giving it to the other person. Using intuition only, the other person is trying to discern what is written on the folded piece of paper. And what ended up happening is we both deceased loved ones popping by for a chat, and information was given that will probably change the way we both think about certain situations in our lives.

I just LOVE days like today, today was filled with so many surprises and much learning. I feel like a brand new woman and can hardly wait for my next client, they will receive the treatment of a life time. I feel so good, balanced and rejuvenated… I wish for everyone to try out some form of Energy Work at least once in their lives, give it a try. What have you got to lose?

As for my dear friend Sherry, here is her business information. Sherry offers many beautiful services, her ‘Soul Coaching’ is out of this world and it is for everyone. If you have ever wondered where your place is on this earth or how to connect with your spiritual side, you MUST contact her today and explore that. It will change your life

Thank you again for reading

Many Blessings


Andrea Kotyk


~Feel Better, LIVE Better

BMO Vancouver International Full Marathon

7 May

WOW! What an amazing weekend I’ve just had here in Vancouver B.C….

Many of you know, I have been working towards running a full marathon here in Vancouver. Just after christmas I joined an organization called ‘Team In Training’ whose focus is raising money in support of finding a cure for ALL Blood Cancers. I have always enjoyed doing fundraisers and charity work, but this one was incredibly special and unique!

Sunday May 6th was race day and all my hard work was about to pay off. All winter I worked on my distance runs in the snow, and chilly temperatures (and mostly by my lonesome) before joining up with ‘TNT’, I had never EVER ran anything further than 10km in my life. In fact I thought I hated running until now!

Race day came quick,  and it all began at 5am. I had a million things running through my mind that day; could I really survive this? Was I ready?  As I stood at the start line along with 5’000 fellow runners I was in a state of disbelief (there was 15’000 runners in total, 10’000 of which ran the half marathon) This was really it….

For the first time ever in my competitive life this race wasn’t going to be about me, not one bit! I was running with an entirely new purpose and it felt really GOOD! I was there, putting my physical and emotional psyche on the start line for those who have been affected by Blood Cancer. This was it and there was no turning back, and just like that the gun went off and it was game on.

Myself and thousands more trudged through beautiful Vancouver, the scenery was breath taking and the support was over whelming. The streets were lined up with supporters and spectators, all of which were cheering and ringing bells, sending you all their love as you push through. Children high fived you as you passed by and people hung out widows from the trolly to cheer you on, I have never felt so much love and support from any sporting event (believe me, I have been to many).

I was emotional from the start, I could hardly believe all the amazing support that flooded the marathon route; oh, and for those who are un familiar with the distance, the full is 42.2km and half is 21.1km.

We as a team were there for each other, I had an amazing running partner. Tamara was my Angel that day, we met on my Reiki table about mid way through our training season. We clicked instantly, and shared many of the same concerns and training woe’s, we soon began running together and quickly found that we were a match made heaven. Needless to say, she was my Angel that day and I don’t know if I could have done what I did without her amazing support.

I’ve been working through some foot issues leading up to this race and was praying that my foot would ‘F&#K off for just one day so I could get this done and cross it off my ‘Bucket List’. However….. The first 20km of the run we were flying, I mean seriously kicking some major ass. Neither of us could believe how awesome we felt, there was so much hype and support and our bodies couldn’t have felt any better. Darn foot, started to flare up shortly after that : ( Which really wasn’t the end of the world for me, I knew I could push through this. When I first started to feel the pain I knew this would soon become interesting.

Im not gonna lie, to force your body to keep moving for that long can start to feel crazy. You move outside of the physical aspect and it immediately becomes MENTAL. As we moved through and reached the 28 km mark I was pretty sure my body was going to to fall apart, I was limping/running and could feel my shoe full of liquid (wasn’t sure if it was blood, didn’t want to see it until after) I was hurting big time. This was starting to annoy me, I didn’t force this body to run all winter for this to happen to me now. Probably not a great combination with 14km left still in the race, the physical issues were now mental for me and this is where it got rough.

If you have never run a marathon before, these are some of the common (normal) things to expect

~Nausea, cramping, blisters, sore hips & knees, un-controlable poo breaks (not the good kind either) haha

On top of that list I had a foot that felt like I was running on broken bones, I was seriously starting to doubt myself and whether or not I would actually cross that finish line. I usually feel like the motivator in most cases and am always finding the positive side of things, but was struggling to do that here. Tamara kept me in check! Thank goodness for great team mates, if she hadn’t been there with me I cant say for sure I would have made it across the finish line that day.

Have you ever felt so much discomfort that it almost makes you mad? Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t get like this ever and this makes me laugh when I think about how drastically my personality was altered this day by what I experiencing. At 32km I was pissed off, just mad because I was so darn uncomfortable. As I passed more spectators and supporters, they would yell ‘you can do it, your so close’ I was thinking in my mind ‘just shut up’ haha or ‘ill peel that smile off your head’…. So funny, thats SO not like me at all; but you aren’t yourself when your in that state. Kinda like child birth, the nicest ladies act crazy in that kinda pain.

I stopped to think about why I am doing this in the first place, Im here to help find a cure for all Blood Cancers. My ‘Pity Party’ had to come to a end; so what if you’re feet hurt, its not going to kill you. So what if you’re legs are cramping, you’ll walk again…. All these aches and pains jus became minor when I thought about who I was here for. To be in the race to survive cancer is a much tougher event, to survive the disease is a feat in itself not to mention the suffering that goes with that while in chemo/radiation treatment.

Needless to say, I had to keep moving!

I made it to the finish line and was still running, it was hands down the toughest thing I have ever done (both physically and mentally) I experienced new mental blocks and physical punishment on a whole new level.

Here is what made it all worth it…. Our ‘Team In Training’ group which was made up of people from all over North America (250 ish people) and as a group we raised over $700,000.00 all of which goes directly towards Blood Cancer research. I felt like we really made a difference in the lives of those affected by Cancer and life long friend ships were born through this experience.

I feel truly blessed by this experience, I am beaming with love and gratitude and WILL be doing this again. Perhaps a Triathalon?

Thank you to my ‘TNT’ team and supporters, I couldn’t have done this without you all. You’re donations went a long way and YOU made a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.



Andrea Kotyk

~Feel Better, LIVE Better

Reiki Healing and Menopause

1 May


This particular blog was inspired by my dearest mummy and my large list of beautiful lady clients (most of whom are currently going through menopause). I am asked often about various holistic treatments and therapies that can possibly lesson the side effects of menopause and what Im writing about today is exactly what I have been suggesting to my clients. I feel simply awful when I hear about the discomforts that these women are going through, and I wish to offer you all the same knowledge that I offer to my clients.

As many of us know, menopause can bring forward a long list un uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects . All of which have varying intensities and durations and have no rhyme or reason as to when they rear their ugly heads. Some of the expected feelings can be anywhere from; insomnia, depression, migraines, hot flashes and certainly not limited to cramping. I’ve heard menopause described as awful and at times ‘debilitating’ and that the regularly prescribed treatments, such as ‘menopausal hormone therapy’ (formerly called hormone replacement therapy).

These days ‘alternative’ therapies are slowly taking over the market, holistic approaches are making they’re debut (and just in the nick of time). Reiki healing therapy is becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative menopause treatment. The ancient healing practice of Reiki treatment has been linked to helping to alleviate a variety of common menopause symptoms. Also used to treat and prevent other conditions, illnesses and diseases, reiki therapy has been proven to be beneficial in promoting an individual’s overall health. But what is reiki therapy and how does this natural treatment for menopause work to alleviate common menopause symptoms?

What is Reiki Healing Therapy?

Meaning “universal life energy”, reiki healing originated in Japan and is a non-invasive healing treatment.

Reiki therapy works by balancing the energy system of the body, which in turn helps the body to repair itself.

During a reiki holistic therapy session, the practitioner places his hands in various patterns on the body using light, therapeutic touches.

While sometimes confused with massage, this form of natural menopause treatment is a distinct holistic therapy that channels positive energy into the body, in order to encourage health and healing.

What Does Reiki Healing Help to Treat?

Reiki therapy is considered a complementary form of treatment.

In addition to being an alternative menopause treatment, reiki healing therapy is also used to both treat and prevent a variety of conditions, illnesses and diseases, such as:

  • stress
  • arthritis
  • endometriosis
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic fatigue syndrome

Reiki healing methods has also been proven to be beneficial in surgery recovery, in chemotherapy treatment, and it also helps to improve blood circulation.

I hope this article has served you well and that it has given you some food for thought regarding an option in combating the unpleasantries of menopause, than you again for reading my thoughts and for being involved in my passion.

I encourage you to call today to discuss the possibility of Reiki healing being right for you

Stay Blessed


Andrea Kotyk

(403) 467-0279

~Feel Better, LIVE Better

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